Saturday, July 3, 2021

Kitchen Progress

 Hi everyone!

Things are moving along at the new house! Although our neighbor's homes did not fare so well after the fire, we were fortunate to have not been delayed in our construction process.  The damage we did suffer was very minor.  My heart still hurts for the neighbors who lost their beautiful new home and the other neighbors who had considerable damage to their new home as well. 

Let me show you the progress made on our kitchen this week. Everything is looking great! It's amazing how things are changing on the daily with the finishes going in now.  They are currently working on the exterior siding and I am so excited to share that with you soon.  The color choice will surely surprise you (and our neighborhood lol)! 

We will be having double ovens. It looks like there is space for only one, but the bottom portion gets cut to fit oven #2.  Although we won't use two ovens at one time very often, I am over the moon about this feature! Thankfully, it was included in our base cost. I don't think the mister would have indulged me if it were an extra cost. 

Our floors have all been installed and you can see just a snippet in the picture above. We had the same floor installed throughout the entire house and I just love how it turned out. With a dog and a brand new grandson, it will be so easy to clean up any spills or mishaps. We will have area rugs in the bedroom and living areas to soften and warm things up. 

Thanks for checking up on me today. I wish you all a glorious 4th of July!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

We Interrupt This New Build

 Hi friends, 

 If you have been following my posts lately, you know we are building a new home in Kentucky to be closer to our daughter, son in law and "coming soon" grandson. Things have been moving along and we had been hopeful for an early August move in. Notice, I said "had been hopeful."

Mother Nature showed who was in charge over the weekend and we are waiting to hear what type of delay we are facing.  Our delay is nothing compared with what our neighbors next to us are currently going through.

Late Friday, a terrible storm came through our future neighborhood and our next door neighbor's home was struck by lightning, severely damaging their new roof.  The fire department checked the home thoroughly and were unable to find any hot spots or signs of fire.  The family left for the night to stay with relatives.  A few hours later, another neighbor noticed the house was completely engulfed in flames.


Sadly, the home is a total loss.  This is such a heartbreaking scene. I have never seen a home so destroyed by fire.  The owners had only moved in just three weeks ago.  Thankful to God they are all safe. Still, they are going through a lot right now and my heart just aches for them.   Our house is to the right in this picture. 

Pale in comparison to our neighbors misfortune, but our house did suffer some damage.

The Tyvek  house wrap was melted off part of our house, due to the high temperature of the fire.

The three windows have warped and twisted as well.

One window actually cracked due to the high heat.

Water seeped in to our master bath linen closet.

We also had some water in our basement. We are assuming the firefighters needed to spray our home with water to ensure our house didn't also catch fire.

The neighbors to the other side had a large portion of their vinyl siding literally melt off of their house, as well as extensive fire singe on the plywood exposed. They also had to be terrified watching this all unfold.

Our house can easily be fixed and a delayed move in date is merely an inconvenience.  Our real prayers go out to the other two families so greatly affected by this horrible fire. 

Thanks for stopping by - and if you have extra prayers and positive thoughts to spare, please send them up for our neighbors,

Monday, June 7, 2021

New Home Whole House Color Scheme

Hi friends!

Our upcoming move from Wisconsin to Kentucky has meant a lot of packing and purging. It also has caused me to think long and hard about what I want to take with me and also how we would like to style our new home.

When staging our current house for sale, I really stripped the rooms to the bare bones in an effort to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.  Our master bedroom (from our listing photos) below ended up so fresh, yet so welcoming.  It still is a little empty for my personal taste, but I loved how the staging turned out.  It also has led me to a decision on my whole house color scheme.

I really like the idea of a whole house color scheme. It gives such a cohesive feel to a home and also allows furnishings/decor to be interchangeable between rooms. For most of our married life, my color scheme has been burgundy/gold/green/rust. I really love those colors. In the last few years, I worked those colors into my whole house color scheme and enjoyed the ability to change things up just by "shopping" my house.

Our new house is an open concept - a stark contrast to our traditional salt box home.  I think I need to be much more intentional with my decor and a more subtle color scheme is in order. 

I love the neutral tones in our current master bedroom, the combo of dark stain and white paint and the different shades of green - from the plaid throw, sage & olive pillows to the greenery and olive side tables.  

So, my whole house color scheme will be a mix of soft neutrals, greens and wood tones. Our interior walls are being painted Crushed Silk throughout, with white ceilings and trim. 

PPG Crushed Silk

Love this green by Joanna Gaines and I will be using it (as well as wide range of greens) in accessories and textiles.

Magnolia Home Regal Leaf

The floor below will be installed throughout every room of our house. I think this will really add warmth to the lighter tones of the walls, woodwork and kitchen cabinets.

I will be ordering two of the pretty green checked chairs for our kitchen sitting area.  Our table and cabinets are white, so this pop of color will add some coziness and warmth to the room. They could easily be used in our master bedroom and home office as well.

I have ordered this pretty green throw to toss on our creamy neutral living room furniture.

I used some Christmas cash to buy my first ever Kitchen Aid in this pistachio green. It will be a colorful touch in our all white kitchen. I'm also looking forward to mixing up cookie dough with our grandson some day!

This chenille bedding really spoke to me and I think it will be a pretty look in our master bedroom.

I've owned these gorgeous Pioneer Woman dinner plates for a few years and am still completely smitten with them.  I used them for display in our Wisconsin house, but they will be our every day dishes in Kentucky.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my whole house color scheme plan.  Having a more neutral scheme will allow me to plug in different colors throughout the seasons. I know my beloved burgandys/reds will work their way in here and there.  

I hope to have some pictures of the exterior of our new house to share with you very soon. I think it will surprise you!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

New House/New Vibe

 Hi friends!

When we began our new home building  process, I really thought I would stay with my tried and true color palette of golds, deep reds and greens.  I have rarely strayed from those colors in the last - gasp! - thirty nine years.  However, as I have been packing and paring down, I had a bit of change come over me and will be going for a simpler look. 

I will be keeping many of my antiques and vintage decor, but I am going for a softer background and a more calming color scheme.  I am fortunate enough to be replacing some of our existing decor with new pieces - moving furniture cross country is pricy, so buying new made sense and I also sold quite a bit at our moving sale to help cover some of the new furniture costs. 

Below I've included some of the new furniture we have on order.

I chose the Harleson  sofa and chair and a half with ottoman for our living area.  Instead of the loveseat, we have two existing chairs we are bringing with us. I am not a fan of the pillows but they will be easy to change out. This wheat, linen look sofa is totally different color wise than any I have ever had. I think it still looks quite cozy! We typically sit in our easy chairs when watching tv and, since it is just the two of us, I think keeping it clean won't be an issue. We do have a dog, but Palmer never goes on the furniture thankfully. He is a 96 pound big boy, so he would trash a white sofa in no time! 

Before we get too far, the entire house interior will be painted this color - Crushed Silk. I am not 100% sold on this color, but our builder gave very few options and most of them were gray. Gray is beautiful for others, just doesn't work for me. I am hoping we love the color we ultimately chose.

I fell in love with this chenille bedspread for our bedroom and I'm really looking forward to putting that room together.  We have a rustic, chippy white headboard and I think they will partner beautifully together.

I originally had found a beautiful green and wood dining table and chairs that I lusted after all winter long.  Unfortunately, it is out of stock on every website and unlikely to come in stock any time soon. So, it was back to the drawing board! I found this Bolanburg dining set as a plan B and I think it will be just perfect. A little formal, a lot farmhouse which should fit our space just right!

The last new piece is this Bolanburg console table.  I have an existing console table I'll be using behind our sofa, but this one will be used in our foyer and will help tie in with the other white pieces.

The floor throughout will be luxury vinyl plank Tuckahoe Hickory South Creek Brown. I am super excited to have an easy to clean, carpet free home! We will soften things up with area rugs.  

So there you have it - the "bones" of our house. I do have an accessory color scheme planned, but...

I will share that another day! 😁

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Monday, May 17, 2021

Letting Go (Thinning the Herd)

Hello dear ones,

If you have been reading my previous posts, you know that we have sold our home of twenty years and will soon be moving from Wisconsin to Kentucky.  

Although our new home will actually be somewhat larger, it is an open concept with limited wall space. Further, the new kitchen cabinets will go to the ceiling compared to our current cabinets that have about sixteen inches between cabinet and ceiling - a major loss of decor real estate for me! This all means we needed to look hard and long at our belongings and really thin the herd so to speak. 

I wanted to share some of the items that were re-homed by virtue of two moving sales held earlier this year. Many of these pieces have been with us since we were first married, but most were picked up here and there over the years.

This pretty blanket chest was refinished for us by my mom for our first apartment.  We are keeping the dog however, lol! It found a home with a dear friend.

Another piece refinished by my mom, it was an engagement gift from my parents. It was also used as the altar at our daughter's wedding.  I hated to let this go, but in truth, it has been in storage for years. It was time for it to be loved by someone new!

A very huge Hungarian dough bowl! 

A really cute, chippy piece - now being loved by a friend.

I have loved this dog collection for over 35 years, but it needed to go to new homes.  I just will not have a place for it.  Sadly, none of it sold at our sale and we donated it to our local Goodwill. 

Cute, vintage roller rink baskets - these were cool, but didn't make the keep pile.

Old step ladder will be a fun display piece in its new home.

An assortment of random castaways.

I really love these, but again, there will be no room at the inn!

We parted with so much! Some of it we sold, but we also made at least a dozen drop offs at Goodwill and threw out a bunch as well.  We still have puh-lenty  of decor for our new house and I have no doubt we will be having a "move-in" sale or we will be donating more to Goodwill.

It is kind of freeing to let go of some of this. I don't think I will have regrets and am looking forward to a little more simplified decor style (for me anyway)!

Join me for my next post when I share some of my design ideas for our new place.


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day

 I want to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day! If you are a mother, a mother figure, a furbaby mom -  I hope you have a blessed day! For those of you who miss their moms who have gone to heaven like mine, I send you virtual hugs and prayers. I hope your memories of your sweet mothers bring a song to your hearts.



Thursday, May 6, 2021

Kentucky Bound Y'all

Hello friends!

I shared the news about our upcoming move in my last post. Now it's time to fill you in on the details of why we are leaving the only hometown we have ever known and are packing up to move to northern Kentucky.  

Our daughter and son in law bought a home in Kentucky last year, so of course that played a big part in our decision to move. 

 We also both recently retired, so our jobs weren't holding us in Wisconsin. But the best reason for our move to Kentucky was finding out we are going to be grandparents this coming June!  We are Kentucky bound!

As you probably know, the housing market is crazy and houses sell overnight it seems.  We briefly entertained buying an existing home, but decided to build new instead.  We decided on a ranch home, which is very different than the two story colonial we have lived in the last 20'years. Not having a staircase will be so nice as we get older. I'm hoping I can figure out how to decorate an open concept home.

This is a picture of the model we chose.  It will not be built in this color scheme.  I am going to keep the exterior choices a secret for awhile, lol.  It is definitely going to be an  unexpected color! 

The build has been going fast and we are crossing our fingers for a July move in. As you can see, we currently have a roof and windows!

We have a pretty view in our eat in kitchen to look forward to.  The patio door will lead to a covered outdoor living space.

In my next post, I think I'm going to share some of the home decor we decided not to take with us and sold at our moving sale.  

Thanks for stopping by,