Thursday, May 6, 2021

Kentucky Bound Y'all

Hello friends!

I shared the news about our upcoming move in my last post. Now it's time to fill you in on the details of why we are leaving the only hometown we have ever known and are packing up to move to northern Kentucky.  

Our daughter and son in law bought a home in Kentucky last year, so of course that played a big part in our decision to move. 

 We also both recently retired, so our jobs weren't holding us in Wisconsin. But the best reason for our move to Kentucky was finding out we are going to be grandparents this coming June!  We are Kentucky bound!

As you probably know, the housing market is crazy and houses sell overnight it seems.  We briefly entertained buying an existing home, but decided to build new instead.  We decided on a ranch home, which is very different than the two story colonial we have lived in the last 20'years. Not having a staircase will be so nice as we get older. I'm hoping I can figure out how to decorate an open concept home.

This is a picture of the model we chose.  It will not be built in this color scheme.  I am going to keep the exterior choices a secret for awhile, lol.  It is definitely going to be an  unexpected color! 

The build has been going fast and we are crossing our fingers for a July move in. As you can see, we currently have a roof and windows!

We have a pretty view in our eat in kitchen to look forward to.  The patio door will lead to a covered outdoor living space.

In my next post, I think I'm going to share some of the home decor we decided not to take with us and sold at our moving sale.  

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

We Are Moving!

Hello friends!

I am been absent from blog land for so long.  I keep telling myself I need to start blogging again and then life gets in the way.  I am going to try to be better at posting on the regular.

I definitely have MUCH to share with you all.  After 20 years of living in our current home, we have sold our home and are moving to Kentucky later this summer.  My husband and I grew up in our current town and have never lived more than 20 minutes away from it, so this is a BIG MOVE for us.

I will share all the details in my next post!  In the meantime, I will share some photos from of our current house.  

We will talk soon! 


Monday, August 31, 2020

Dipping My Toes Into Fall

Hello friends!

Just a shorty of a post today.  I am starting to dip my toes into some fall home decor. I am trying to use some restraint (not easy for me) and plan to keep it simple. 

I do like to start my seasonal decorating early.  After putting a lot of time and effort into it, I enjoy having it around for awhile.  Plus, I love the cozy, family feel of fall.  And pumpkin spice latte.  I love pumpkin spice latte. 😁

Have you been thinking about cooler temps and fall decor lately?

Enjoy your Monday!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Simple Country Pleasures

Hi friends!

Just a short and sweet post of a few simple country pleasures in my life today.  Remember the column "Simple Country Pleasures" that used to be in Country Living magazine? Written by Jo Northrup, it was a wonderful monthly read about the joy and beauty in the simplest of things. 

Here a few things bringing me not and peace today:

Puppy dog kisses. Need I say more?

A Starbucks stop on a hot summer's day.  Here, Palmer is enjoying his first ever Pupacino.  He is a new fan! He is so cute with his whipped cream moustache.

This is the country road that leads to my local Hobby Lobby...So relaxing.

These cute lil'  fellas also live on a farm that is on my route to the city.  They are so cute, but are growing fast. 

I hope you enjoyed some of simple country pleasures today.  I'd love to know some of yours.  Please share in the comments. Coming up this week, I will be sharing our home office reveal.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Our Daughter's New Home

Hello friends!

I am sorry I went missing last week, but I was still dealing with camera issues and it also was our vacation week.  We had been scheduled for a trip to Canada, but with the borders closed that was not meant to be this year.  Instead, we went to our daughter and son in law's new home in Kentucky to help them with some home projects.  They both are working from home these days so we feel it is safe to visit.

They purchased this lovely house in  April and it has been so wonderful to watch them make it their home.

Last week, replacing some trim on the second story was on the list. There's my daughter, cheering her dad on!

We also helped install a storm door...So nice to let more sun in as well as some fresh air!

When they bought the house, they knew right away their breakfast nook was crying out for a window seat.

We all pitched in and the four of us created the cutest window seat (with storage).  It really makes the space!  Their cat loves it as well!  

My husband and daughter installed a cat door leading to the basement. It was definitely a team effort!
It has been fun helping them with their first home.  They found a nicely updated house with new cabinets and flooring.  It was also freshly painted.  This has allowed them to add finishing and special touches right away.  It's a beautiful home for them to build their lives together.

We are back in Wisconsin now, working on our own house, lol.  Tonight we had a beautiful double rainbow.  My camera is finally working properly, so better pics and more posts will be coming! 

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, July 24, 2020

Christmas in July: Looking Back Week 3

Hello friends!

I can't believe we are nearly done with the month of July! Where does the summer go?

This week I am sharing some lodge/rustic/cabin Christmas decor from Christmas past at our house.  Our basement level living area is decorated in a Northwood style year round. 

I will be back next week with the pics of our den/home office remodel.  Have a great weekend.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Goodbye Golden Oak Doors

Hello sweet friends!

My camera is still giving me grief, so I am resorting to using my phone for pics.  I thought about waiting until this camera issue is resolved, but I want to keep up with my blogging. So...I apologize for some not so great photos.

Okay, with that detail out of the way, here is what has been going on this week at my house:  We had our original golden oak, flat panel doors replaced on our second floor.  Last year, we replaced the doors on our first floor and then gave our finances a recovery break, lol.  

Here is a before photo.  When we built our house in 2001, the finish was called cider.  It was very pretty, but over time the reddish brown morphed into a very orange, Bozo the Clown  color. 

Our upstairs hall is dark, small and hard to photograph.   However, you can see the beautiful paneled, English oak doors we had installed.  They are so beautiful and make our house feel brand new again.

I will need to gel stain the wall capper to match the new doors.

The most wonderful part of the new doors is the custom door we had made for our guest bath.  I have wanted a vintage door with a window for this bathroom for as long as we have lived here.  That never came to be, but that's okay!  This door with frosted privacy glass is the and everything I hoped for in a door for this room. The glass just glows in the hallway at night when the light is on. It's very charming.

This special door called for special hardware and after a lot of searching, I found this gorgeous reproduction handleset.  I think it is such a beautiful complement to the door.

The rest of the doors in our house have these handlesets.  I love the square's a simple, yet  special design detail.

It's been an exciting week at our house and I have to pinch myself to remind me we really made these changes, lol.

This weekend is supposed to be super hot and sticky, so I'll be sequestering myself to our basement.  I'm trying to do a super purge of all of our (my) junk and I'm about half through sorting through it all. Hoping to finally finish in the next few days.  What are our weekend plans?

Thanks for stopping by,

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