Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Gather 'Round The Fire

Welcome friends!

Today 's post is especially appropriate since Sunday we had a blizzard warning for our area.  What could be more appropriate and cozy during a blizzard but a fireplace?!

This is our living room fireplace at Easter in 2018. Wisconsin fieldstone is a very popular choice for fireplace surrounds where we live. Not my first choice, but my husband caught me in a weak moment when we built our home years ago and well, we made it work. Honestly, I never liked it in our home.

Here, you see we went neutral with our paint this spring and I'm loving it! My main purpose for sharing this picture is to showcase the lasting results of our housewarming party catastrophe: wax candles raining down onto our hearth stone! Oh no. I never got all the wax removed and we were left with a huge, ugly stain. That's why you will often see a little rug on our  hearth. A sorry (and not so great) attempt to hide it. I did this since 2001!

I am happy to report that I won't need to hide that stain ever again. Last week we had the entire fireplace removed and we started over from scratch!

Taking the old stone off was a messy (and dusty process), but our fireplace contractor tried their best to minimize the dust.

Here it is - almost done and our dog  Palmer gave it his approval.

 We just love our new fireplace and love how it changed the entire feel of our room. The brick is called Chilton Red and comes from the little town of Chilton, Wisconsin. I just love the color - warm, but neutral enough to embrace most any color scheme I may come up with in the future.

Our sweet dog absolutely loves toasting by the fire and you can find him lounging by it every chance he gets. I joke we put it in for him, not us. (Seems logical to me!)

I think my family is going to enjoy relaxing by our fireplace for years to come.

I am grateful and blessed for your visit today.
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  1. Lovely fireplace Jane! A great cozy area to have, especially in blizzards. We actually have ours going right now. I love the crackling of the wood and our kitties like your Palmer enjoy sleeping nearby too. Janice

  2. What a lovely transformation! I too love the new facade on the fireplace and it certainly does change the entire ambience of the room.

  3. What a gorgeous transformation Jane. So beautiful. I bet the fireplace with the snow on Sunday was wonderful. I miss having a fireplace. Hugs and have a great week.

  4. Oh, Jane. That is just beautiful. It really look great with the size of your room. How wonderful to get it done in time a a snowstorm. That mantle would be a decorator's dream to have. I especially love your cow picture. I might just happen to have picked up the same one. I love it..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  5. Wow...what a really cool change. I love the brick and it looks great.