Thursday, May 6, 2021

Kentucky Bound Y'all

Hello friends!

I shared the news about our upcoming move in my last post. Now it's time to fill you in on the details of why we are leaving the only hometown we have ever known and are packing up to move to northern Kentucky.  

Our daughter and son in law bought a home in Kentucky last year, so of course that played a big part in our decision to move. 

 We also both recently retired, so our jobs weren't holding us in Wisconsin. But the best reason for our move to Kentucky was finding out we are going to be grandparents this coming June!  We are Kentucky bound!

As you probably know, the housing market is crazy and houses sell overnight it seems.  We briefly entertained buying an existing home, but decided to build new instead.  We decided on a ranch home, which is very different than the two story colonial we have lived in the last 20'years. Not having a staircase will be so nice as we get older. I'm hoping I can figure out how to decorate an open concept home.

This is a picture of the model we chose.  It will not be built in this color scheme.  I am going to keep the exterior choices a secret for awhile, lol.  It is definitely going to be an  unexpected color! 

The build has been going fast and we are crossing our fingers for a July move in. As you can see, we currently have a roof and windows!

We have a pretty view in our eat in kitchen to look forward to.  The patio door will lead to a covered outdoor living space.

In my next post, I think I'm going to share some of the home decor we decided not to take with us and sold at our moving sale.  

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  1. You will enjoy KY (my home state). It will be great to be there with your grandchild!!!

  2. How exciting. My oldest may be moving to NCarolina...first thought is we have someplace to visit besides Good luck the home looks adorable...and I'm sure you will love the warmer weather. This winter was too long and too much snow! Hugs, Sandi

  3. Congrats on the move and building that cute ranch home. It will be so great to be close to your daughter and SIL and a new grandbaby soon. Just when you think you cannot love anyone more than your own child they give you a grandchild and your heart explodes all over again. Enjoy this journey. Moving is hard believe me I know but in the end being near family and having a brand new beautiful home will be so worth it. Good Luck Jane. xoxo

  4. Good luck Jane. Are in the mountains or in the valley? Probably less snow in KY than in WI. Congrats on being a gramma too! How exciting to have both a new house and grandchild! Janice

  5. Oh, Jane, how exciting in more ways than one. A new grandbaby is the perfect reason to be close. We thought we would never have grandchildren when we moved away from the family. 8 years later along came our pride and joy, Jake, now 27 years old! The good thing is that we are only 4 hours away so not too long of a trip. Your new home looks beautiful and I will be on pins and needles to see how it is coming along. Congratulations my friend..xxoJudy