Monday, May 17, 2021

Letting Go (Thinning the Herd)

Hello dear ones,

If you have been reading my previous posts, you know that we have sold our home of twenty years and will soon be moving from Wisconsin to Kentucky.  

Although our new home will actually be somewhat larger, it is an open concept with limited wall space. Further, the new kitchen cabinets will go to the ceiling compared to our current cabinets that have about sixteen inches between cabinet and ceiling - a major loss of decor real estate for me! This all means we needed to look hard and long at our belongings and really thin the herd so to speak. 

I wanted to share some of the items that were re-homed by virtue of two moving sales held earlier this year. Many of these pieces have been with us since we were first married, but most were picked up here and there over the years.

This pretty blanket chest was refinished for us by my mom for our first apartment.  We are keeping the dog however, lol! It found a home with a dear friend.

Another piece refinished by my mom, it was an engagement gift from my parents. It was also used as the altar at our daughter's wedding.  I hated to let this go, but in truth, it has been in storage for years. It was time for it to be loved by someone new!

A very huge Hungarian dough bowl! 

A really cute, chippy piece - now being loved by a friend.

I have loved this dog collection for over 35 years, but it needed to go to new homes.  I just will not have a place for it.  Sadly, none of it sold at our sale and we donated it to our local Goodwill. 

Cute, vintage roller rink baskets - these were cool, but didn't make the keep pile.

Old step ladder will be a fun display piece in its new home.

An assortment of random castaways.

I really love these, but again, there will be no room at the inn!

We parted with so much! Some it we sold, but we also made at least a dozen drop offs at Goodwill and threw out a bunch as well.  We still have puh-lenty  of decor for our new house and I have no doubt we will be having a "move-in" sale or we will be donating more to Goodwill.

It is kind of freeing to let go of some of this. I don't think I will have regrets and am looking forward to a little more simplified decor style (for me anyway)!

Join me for my next post when I share some of my design ideas for our new place.



  1. Oh, Jane. I had hoped we might sometime connect, but how exciting to move on. I think we all should at least move out to the street every 10 years or so. We have been here for 37 years now...and well...still thinning my parents herd. Hope all goes well, and you let go of some lovelies...but seriously you just can't keep it all! Hugs, Sandi

  2. Oh you had some great things in your collection to sell. I cannot believe the dog pics did not sell. Someone at Goodwill is going to find a bargain on those. Love all the beautiful pieces. I remember our first move out of our house of 26 years where we raised our girls. We had so much thinning of the herd to do. It was hard but like you said freeing to get rid of things. Good luck with getting ready for your move. xoxo Kris

  3. Oh, Jane, you naughty girl! Why do you live so far from me.. Evidently, I am not that fond of thinning the herd!! And I really need to! I know it is hard to let some things go but you do have to be practical and when moving that is the thing to do. I know someday I will have to and that is a very scary thought!..Good luck and I'm anxious to be here for it all..xxoJudy