Tuesday, June 22, 2021

We Interrupt This New Build

 Hi friends, 

 If you have been following my posts lately, you know we are building a new home in Kentucky to be closer to our daughter, son in law and "coming soon" grandson. Things have been moving along and we had been hopeful for an early August move in. Notice, I said "had been hopeful."

Mother Nature showed who was in charge over the weekend and we are waiting to hear what type of delay we are facing.  Our delay is nothing compared with what our neighbors next to us are currently going through.

Late Friday, a terrible storm came through our future neighborhood and our next door neighbor's home was struck by lightning, severely damaging their new roof.  The fire department checked the home thoroughly and were unable to find any hot spots or signs of fire.  The family left for the night to stay with relatives.  A few hours later, another neighbor noticed the house was completely engulfed in flames.


Sadly, the home is a total loss.  This is such a heartbreaking scene. I have never seen a home so destroyed by fire.  The owners had only moved in just three weeks ago.  Thankful to God they are all safe. Still, they are going through a lot right now and my heart just aches for them.   Our house is to the right in this picture. 

Pale in comparison to our neighbors misfortune, but our house did suffer some damage.

The Tyvek  house wrap was melted off part of our house, due to the high temperature of the fire.

The three windows have warped and twisted as well.

One window actually cracked due to the high heat.

Water seeped in to our master bath linen closet.

We also had some water in our basement. We are assuming the firefighters needed to spray our home with water to ensure our house didn't also catch fire.

The neighbors to the other side had a large portion of their vinyl siding literally melt off of their house, as well as extensive fire singe on the plywood exposed. They also had to be terrified watching this all unfold.

Our house can easily be fixed and a delayed move in date is merely an inconvenience.  Our real prayers go out to the other two families so greatly affected by this horrible fire. 

Thanks for stopping by - and if you have extra prayers and positive thoughts to spare, please send them up for our neighbors,


  1. Oh no. So sorry for your neighbor, but thankfully as you said they are safe. Buildings can be replaced, lives cannot. Hopefully your set back will soon be rectified. Prayers for all. Janice

  2. Oh Jane how horrible. I am so sorry for your soon to be neighbors and for you guys. This is scary. I am glad your place can be fixed and not too much damage was done. Those poor people will have to have their home completely rebuilt. Plus all their possessions are gone. Thank God they did not stay there that night and were in a safe place when the big fire engulfed their home. So sad. We are still waiting on our new doors from when the firefighters kicked in the door of our new condo the night of the fire in the condo across the hall from us. It is crazy how long things take to get through insurance and fixed. Just glad the only damage we had was the doors being kicked in. Hope they can get your place fixed and continue on quickly with your build. These storms that move through are so scary. The town of Naperville and Woodridge where we lived for 25 years was hit hard on Sunday with a tornado. We have so many friends that had a lot of damage to their homes. These storms move quickly and are fierce. Good luck with your home build. So sorry for all of you. xoxo Kris

  3. Oh, Jane, I read this a few days ago and meant to get right back to you but things got in the way. What a horrible, sad thing to have happened! That was so close to you and I feel for your neighbors. I'm glad you didn't have any more damage than you did. Mother Nature is such a fickle thing and it always seems hard to believe when something that devastating could happen so close to you. I feel so badly for all of you..Take care, my friend..xxoJudy

  4. How horrific!! My worst fear...is fire....yikes. I am glad your home is still ok, though how scary for the neighbors....It shows how dangerous lightening can be. Prayers for safety and being able to move in...