Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Mess Before The Beauty

 Hi y'all,

Just wanted to share real life at my house today! I've been down with the flu for over a week, so Christmas decorating has been a slow - or no - go. Feeling great now, so I'll be kicking it into high gear to get things done.

Here's a picture of some of the storm before the calm! Things can only get better from here on in...

Be back soon with some Christmas inspo!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Your room looks like my storm did while I was decorating. Cannot wait to see the rainbow at the end! Janice

  2. I am fixing to replicate your picture - the bins are coming out!!!

  3. Jane, so glad to hear you are feeling better. I have seen this mess some place before? Right, in my own living room! Every year I think it will be different but when will I learn? It always turns out in the end and I'm looking forward to seeing yours. I know it will be beautiful..xxoJudy