Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!

As much as I love Christmas decor (and oh, I do!), I also look forward to the fresh start the New Year brings. After all of the fall and Christmas trappings, the serenity and the "less" is a welcome change. 

One of my goals for January is to do some much needed organizing and reorganizing throughout our home. I've been taking my time getting the Christmas packed away. Some years, honestly, I was just so ready to take the decor down I would just haphazardly stuff it in bins and call it done. Of course, that only led to frustration when holiday time rolled around again. spending some extra time now I know I will be appreciative next year when it's time to deck the halls! I'm also trying out packing and labeling decor by room, rather than category (i.e., greenery in a bin, ornaments in a bin, etc.). Although I do like to change things up each year, many things are used in the same room each year. Hoping this new storage idea makes the decorating less chaotic. We'll see! Once Christmas is wrangled, I've got lots of organization planned for the rest of the house.

I'm sharing a few snaps of my living room with it's current winter look.

Moving forward to decor, my first project is giving our laundry a refresh. I'll be sure to bring you along for the journey! 

Happy New Year to you and yours! I appreciate each of you for your visits and kind comments.


  1. I still have my living room tree up...just no ornaments on it. I love the lights lt during January and I just make some Winter displays now. Good luck organizing...I an not very good at it. Your fireplace area is delightful! Janice

  2. Hi Jane. I could have written your blog this time. Always unhappy each year to see that things are not where they are supposed to be in the following year. I am afraid I will continue to do so for another year at least. With the kids coming up so late I have been putting things away in some rooms and not in others. So whatever bin is available is it! Your home looks lovely in its winter setting..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy